We produce highly accurate, marketing or concept realisation models.  

Get your design ideas into a visual form for easy non-technical assimilation.

  • Architectural models
  • Concept models
  • Planning images and videos
  • Marketing presentations
  • Internal Layouts
  • BIM ready models 
  • 3D Printing of Physical Models 


3D Engineering & Architectural Models

Modelling is the processes of taking engineering and/or architectural drawings or concepts and creating 3D visuals of the same.   If a client or design team have an existing 3D or BIM model these can be utilised and client end-cost can be reduced.   

Regardless of the subject matter we can produce stunning visualisations or any development from buildings to bridges, landscapes to golf courses, road to railways, exteriors to interior designs.   We have also worked on product design, 3D and marketing visuals for contract bids and/or company profiles.   We have created visuals to get complex concepts across and have even explored history with virtual modelling of Ireland's past.  


Concept / Design Models

The design process benefits considerably at an early stage when a concept model is employed.  The scale and form of the proposal can be quickly be evaluate and site constraints become part of the design process.   Once the basic envelope is fixed the 3D model can be enhanced paralleling architectural treatment to allow the design team and the client to quickly develop a design which meets requirements for function, visual appearance and budgetary constraints.   While visual 3D design often causes additional iterations in a project it is always to the benefit of the final design and end build.  

Design development in 3D is more cost effective and quicker to evolve than traditional 2D plans.  When part of the design workflow technical drawing iterations can be kept to a minimum.  Options, even in a very rough block form, can quickly be evaluated so that only the best options explored in more detail.  3D is also an excellent way to involve a client in the design process, in this interactive workflow they can, with guidance, express themselves and take ownership for the plan going forward.   For clients with multiple projects on the go this personal patronship will aid the project they have the most empathy with.


Planning Models

These models are created specifically to aid the planning process.   Planning models accurately reflect the design as it is set-out in the planning drawings and documents.   This includes architectural, engineering and landscaping designs.  Models are created which are a direct/exact representation of the designs so submitted (warts and all).   The model so created may be used to generate high quality still images or animated mini-movies which help to get concepts or inter-relationships across.  

Still images can be full 3D or combined with background imagery in the form of Photomontages

The more complex or contentious the project the more use modelling will be.   Self-play movies with text and voiceover can express opinions and show concepts where access to the principle decision makers may be difficult.    Options for animations are looped play animations for kiosk, DVDs with full access menus, A4 LCDs which can be incorporated directly into bid documents.


Marketing Models

Not only do 3D models help in design and planning but they are invaluable in selling a project,  be it to investors, clients or for internally consumption and funding.   The use of modelling promotes projects ahead of those without it, since it can impart an idea more efficiently and with greater impact than mere words.   3D models in the form of animated movies put forward a clear, deliberate, consistent  and succinct message  when viewed.  They are invaluable when dealing with the Public where they get technical concepts across in a visual form.   We have found that projects for which we have created the necessary visuals are much more likely to go ahead than those without it.

We provide a full service here which can include any or all of the following:

  • initial storyboarding
  • pre-visualisation or Leica reels
  • content generation and production
  • voiceover
  • post production final digital product 


Internal Layout Models

We can also take modelling from the macro environment and external shell of developments right down to how the development will look and flow from the inside.

Surprisingly enough, furnishing designed spaces and incorporating occupant movements (be they people or vehicles) can often show areas where simple design changes can made to better use space. 

In the case of office and housing developments we can create virtual tours of virtual buildings with virtual views through windows without even a sod being turned.   Since we model in accordance with our accuracy statement these will be true representations and can become part of brochures and marketing suites.  Being able to provide marketing information and potentially early sales can be of great assistance with cash-flow and lender confidence.


BIM Models

BIM the new buzzword in construction and with good reason.  With UK government backing and as part of a 4 year plan all UK government projects must be BIM compliant by 2016.  

BIM Task Group - UK

BIM models grow from structured 3D modelling but they are not simply 3D CAD.   Information about every asset is stored throughout its life-cycle and the system works through the sharing of information and the collaboration of disciplines.    When used correctly it can be an excellent aid in design team co-ordination check and should virtually eliminate co-ordination problems between disciplines. While it is not yet a requirement in Ireland, given past experience we are likely to adopt the UK standards in the not too distant future.

While you will lose many of the design benefits of a BIM project, models can of course also be constructed after the event for onward client use.  


Physical Model Prints

We can also provide files in a format for use by external print companies to convert 3D designs to physical models.    Using 3D printers the basic physical representations can be formed and then using traditional modelling techniques paint and modelling scatter material can be added to increase realism of the same and since the model is "printed"  from an accurate 3D model the accuracy of the physical model is assured.  

These models can be created in a variety of sizes simply by printing them out in a tiled form.   Textures, colours and ancillary trees, vehicles and figures can be added to the correct scale to provide a realistic 3D model.

All 3D models produced by CSC are suitable for onward development of Photomontages and/or Daylight Studies