Sunlight Daylight Shadow Studies - BRE

Sunlight, Daylight & Shadow analysis used as an aid to good design or to assess impact on existing residents. 

Completed in accordance with the provisions of BRE 209 document "Site layout Planning for daylight and Sunlight a guide to good practice Second Edition - 2011" by Paul Littlefair.  This document has become the standard for planning authorities in Ireland & the UK. 

Reports to comply with Planning RFI's (requests for further information) or reports for objections.


Creation of planning and marketing visuals blending photographic background imagery and photo realistic 3D models.

The process of producing Photomontages is complex and time consuming, however,  it should be noted that any imagery produced may be subjected to expert scrutiny, especially if used as evidence at a public inquiry.   Our education, experience, tools and structured approach means that imagery we produce is grounded in best practice and measured accuracy and can be verified as correct. 

3D Visuals

We produce highly accurate, marketing or concept realisation models.  

Get your design ideas into a visual form for easy non-technical assimilation.

  • Architectural models
  • Concept models
  • Planning images and videos
  • Marketing presentations
  • Internal Layouts
  • BIM ready models 
  • 3D Printing of Physical Models